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Post-Education Startups: The Next Wave

I’ve had a bunch of conversations lately with some really cool startups and couldn’t figure out how to mentally classify them. By all practical appearances they weren’t education companies, at least not in the traditional sense of ever showing up … Continue reading

08. March 2011 by Jon
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Learning Graph + Reputation Graph = Massive Disruption in Higher Ed?

Here’s an outline of a thesis I’m working on that was also my suggested topic for my application to speak at TEDxSFED: Higher education is on the brink of massive disruption right now. The “cost” of learning has never been … Continue reading

11. February 2011 by Jon
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Reputation Graph vs. PeopleRank

Last week TechCrunch ran a great post on Quora’s development of an algorithm to determine and rank user quality. In it, they used the term PeopleRank and credited my good friend Shervin Pishevar with the coining of the term (Go … Continue reading

26. January 2011 by Jon
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Reputation Graph Part 2: Who’s Building It

A quick follow-up to my first post on the reputation graph (which btw, is now the #1 result on Google for the search term “reputation graph”…) I had a few people in the comments talk about companies that were starting … Continue reading

13. January 2011 by Jon
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Reputation Graph: One of the Web’s largest opportunities

I recently replied to a Quora thread with the question of “What will come after social networking?”. My answer was the reputation graph. It ended up creating a fair amount of discussion including the question “What is the reputation graph?”. … Continue reading

07. January 2011 by Jon
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