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Hacking Education Detroit

For the last couple years we have, inspired by the fine folks at Union Square Ventures, been running dinners under the banner of “Hacking Education”, the intention being to connect together people who are passionate about changing the game in … Continue reading

02. August 2011 by Jon
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How to Have a 36 Hour Day (Revised Edition)

(Note: I originally wrote this post a little over five years ago and posted it to a blog on a site that has since been shut down. A few people have asked me for it so I decided I would … Continue reading

16. July 2011 by Jon
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What Really Keeps Poor People Poor

The New York Times has a great piece this week about how top colleges (many of which are heavily subsidized by the government) are, in their words, largely for the elite. It’s well worth reading. In it, Anthony Marx, the … Continue reading

26. May 2011 by Jon
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Updates from a memorable month

It’s been three months since I’ve blogged and so I wanted to check in with some updates as it’s been an exciting and very memorable month. So here’s what I’ve been up to (in chronological order): eduFire is now a … Continue reading

08. July 2010 by Jon
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If you were 24 and had $200k in spare cash, how would you invest it?

This question was posted to Quora recently and I decided to hop in with a fairly lengthy answer since I was in a very similar situation about a decade ago. Since Quora’s still behind a wall for most people I … Continue reading

09. April 2010 by Jon
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A Quick LearnOutLoud Shout-Out

As some of you already know about five years back I helped to start a site to aggregate audio content called When I started eduFire in 2007 I turned over the reins on LearnOutLoud to my brother David and … Continue reading

15. December 2009 by Jon
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