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Presentations for entrepreneurs from my eduFire classes

As many of you know I’ve been teaching a series of courses related to entrepreneurship on eduFire. I wanted to post links here to some of the presentations I’ve used in case you find them helpful. Enjoy! A Decade’s Worth … Continue reading

18. December 2009 by Jon
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Hacking the University: Taking the Power Back

I’m pissed. One of my missions in life is to help make education more equal. Equal as in “more access for everyone” kinda equal. And then I come across stories like this one:The Subprime Student Loan Racket and this one: … Continue reading

30. November 2009 by Jon
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Bringing Entrepreneurial Education to the Masses

I’m deeply passionate about entrepreneurship. And over the years I’ve been greatly inspired by stuff like Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders, Venture Voice, From Scratch and Mixergy. And I’ve been wowed by the innovation coming out of places like YCombinator, TechStars and … Continue reading

22. September 2009 by Jon
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eduFire SuperPass: Unlimited Education for Less Than a $1/Day

For the last six months we’ve been working on something at eduFire that I’m very excited to be able to announce for the first time. It’s called eduFire SuperPass and it’s the best answer I can give (while being far … Continue reading

11. June 2009 by Jon
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eduFire is looking for Summer Interns

We’ll be posting this to the eduFire blog shortly but I wanted to give readers of my blog the first crack at landing an internship at eduFire this summer (I promise you will have more fun than the girl in … Continue reading

28. April 2009 by Jon
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