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The Connection between Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship

I’ve been thinking a lot on these topics lately. In part in preparation for tomorrow’s talk on the topic at the EO Alchemy conference. In part because what we’re doing at RG Labs intersects all three of these areas very … Continue reading

20. October 2011 by Jon
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Companies I’m psyched about helping

Right now something that feels like about 98% of my waking hours goes into helping to building RG Labs. However, from time to time I come across companies that I feel are doing special things and have taken advisory roles … Continue reading

18. September 2011 by Jon
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Hacking Education Detroit

For the last couple years we have, inspired by the fine folks at Union Square Ventures, been running dinners under the banner of “Hacking Education”, the intention being to connect together people who are passionate about changing the game in … Continue reading

02. August 2011 by Jon
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