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Asana is to 2012 what Microsoft was to 1982

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m an Asana fanboy. I’ve used a bunch of stuff to track personal and professional projects over the years. David Allen’s GTD plug-in for Outlook back in the day. Basecamp. RememberTheMilk. Various story tracking apps. While … Continue reading

31. March 2012 by Jon
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What Really Keeps Poor People Poor

The New York Times has a great piece this week about how top colleges (many of which are heavily subsidized by the government) are, in their words, largely for the elite. It’s well worth reading. In it, Anthony Marx, the … Continue reading

26. May 2011 by Jon
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Post-Education Startups: The Next Wave

I’ve had a bunch of conversations lately with some really cool startups and couldn’t figure out how to mentally classify them. By all practical appearances they weren’t education companies, at least not in the traditional sense of ever showing up … Continue reading

08. March 2011 by Jon
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Learning Graph + Reputation Graph = Massive Disruption in Higher Ed?

Here’s an outline of a thesis I’m working on that was also my suggested topic for my application to speak at TEDxSFED: Higher education is on the brink of massive disruption right now. The “cost” of learning has never been … Continue reading

11. February 2011 by Jon
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Reputation Graph Part 2: Who’s Building It

A quick follow-up to my first post on the reputation graph (which btw, is now the #1 result on Google for the search term “reputation graph”…) I had a few people in the comments talk about companies that were starting … Continue reading

13. January 2011 by Jon
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Reputation Graph: One of the Web’s largest opportunities

I recently replied to a Quora thread with the question of “What will come after social networking?”. My answer was the reputation graph. It ended up creating a fair amount of discussion including the question “What is the reputation graph?”. … Continue reading

07. January 2011 by Jon
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Hacking the University: Taking the Power Back

I’m pissed. One of my missions in life is to help make education more equal. Equal as in “more access for everyone” kinda equal. And then I come across stories like this one:The Subprime Student Loan Racket and this one: … Continue reading

30. November 2009 by Jon
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Content Publishers: I Have A Business Model For You

OK, this is definitely a theory but part of me thinks it’s well worth exploring…and I’ve heard precious little about this to date. So two experiences this week plus this Fred Wilson blog post got me thinking that content publishers … Continue reading

14. August 2009 by Jon
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Authentic Value Creation: Why Tech Entrepreneurship Rocks

Umair‘s recent talk at the BRITE conference (embedded below) got me thinking this morning on the subject of authentic value creation. I think it’s a fascinating subject. The notion of authentic value creation is creating products and services that make … Continue reading

06. May 2009 by Jon
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Who will be The Pirate Bay of the finance industry?

Umair has a great post up here: The Pirate Bay guys were criminally prosecuted for….violating (largely obsolete) copyright. Almost no one in finance has been held even civilly liable for vastly more economically damaging actions. I followed up with a … Continue reading

18. April 2009 by Jon
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